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DK-VAND - a new and stronger certification for drinking water pipes
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Denmark has some of the cleanest drinking water in the world based on groundwater. Thus, we have particularly high demands for the products used in the drinking water supply.

DK-VAND is a product certification scheme designed to ensure that certified and labelled products comply with the strict Danish requirements, as stated in the regulations of the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food and additional requirements of the Danish water supply.

DK-VAND is established by the Danish water supply organizations (DANVA and Danske Vandværker) and plastic pipe suppliers (NPG Danmark) in cooperation with Danish Technological Institute. The certification is carried out by Dancert and DHI Environment and Toxicology is toxicological adviser.

DK-VAND’s website describes in Danish the applicable DK-VAND certification and testing requirements and provides access to certificates for DK-VAND-labelled products. The main documents and newsletters have been translated into English and can be accessed as pdf files under the tabs: ”BESTEMMELSER” [REGULATIONS],”CERTIFIKATER” [CERTIFICATES] and ”NYHEDSBREVE” [NEWSLETTERS]